30 July 2017

Academy for Internet of Things

Future Tech Lab (FTL) is a Digital Transformation Provider. The Internet of Things (IoT), Cloud Computing and Cyber Security are at the heart of the Digital Transformation. SMEs and Large Enterprises (LE) understand the its benefits but find it challenging to grasp the fast moving technologies. To help them, we have launched an initiative - Academy for Internet of Things (A4IoT) since early 2016. A4IoT is a training and certification program with on-demand tutorials on IoT, Cloud Computing, Big Data, Smart City and Cyber Security. Participants not only learn about architectures, protocols, communication technologies used in these areas, but also benefit from hands-on training. Our A4IoT face to face workshops have attracted 2000+ participants from 125+ organizations around the world (statistics till 10 May 2017). In this blog, our Co-Founder Soumya Kanti Datta writes about A4IoT program while our Research Engineer Koustabh Dolui gives an introduction to the IoT.


During my R&D and paper presentation, I interacted with a lot of SMEs and LEs participants in IoT conferences and events. They would ask me after my talk about how to start an IoT project to turn an idea into prototype and later into a commercial product. After several such interactions during 2013-2015, I decided to create the A4IoT program with an aim to educate students and train SME/LE human resources about the ongoing development around - IoT, Cloud Computing, Cyber Security etc.

Starting from January 2016, FTL has organized 10 physical events (workshops, conferences, tutorials) and 8 webinars. A4IoT programs and courses are developed in collaboration with experts on sensors, middleware, security, network operator, cloud provider, application developer and standardization experts. The tutorial lectures and hands-on training materials are designed in accordance with - 
  • Current market requirement in IoT, Cloud Computing, Cyber Security.
  • Consumer centric scenarios.
  • Balanced and on demand approach.

A4IoT Program Values for Individuals
  • Keep updated with evolving ecosystems of IoT, Cloud Computing, Smart City etc.
  • Pursue your ideas and turn them into prototype through hands-on training sessions.
  • Learn latest IoT community news.
  • Give a boost to your career with IoT, Cloud Computing and Smart City skill sets.
  • Earn certification for each module completion and distinction.
A4IoT Program Values for Enterprises
  • Focused training to maintain a skilled workforce.
  • Flexible and customized delivery mechanism and schedule.
  • Reduced time to prepare and execute training sessions.
  • Content available through webinars and physical workshops.
  • Balanced approach with theory and hands-on learning.

Since January 2016, A4IoT workshops were organized in many countries around the world. They attracted more than 2015 participants (including students and professionals) from 129 organizations around the world. Our distinguished keynote speakers were from - ABB, Altiux, Cisco, IEEE Consumer Electronics Society, Intel, The Mitre Corporation, W3C, Telecom Italia, QCRI, Oracle and Hydroswarm.

Fig. 1 - Previous A4IoT physical event locations.

For a list of our upcoming event, visit - http://www.iotappslab.com/events/upcoming-events.html

We a launching a series of MOOCs on IoT, Cloud Computing, Cyber Security. Here is a video giving an introduction to the IoT. 

Stay tuned at our A4IoT web page for further announcements.

If you want us to conduct an workshop at your organization, contact Soumya Kanti Datta at skd@future-tech-lab.com.

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