08 August 2017

A4IoT - Cloud Platforms for IoT

In this blog post, we are back with a new video for our A4IoT initiative. This video once again features our Research Engineer Koustabh Dolui, who talks about why cloud platforms have become indispensable in the IoT ecosystems. Do check out his talk below!

This post is a follow up on our previous blog post and video by Soumya, who explained the IoT ecosystem in brief with the roles of the IoT devices, the network connecting these devices, IoT gateways and the cloud platforms for IoT. 

Koustabh focus on to the Cloud platforms in the IoT ecosystem and talks about the gap in the IoT devices in terms of storage and processing of data generated from these devices. Generally IoT devices are resource constrained both in terms of the processing power and storage capabilities. This leads to a dilemma on how to store and process the data generated from these devices! Data generated are either - 
  1. Textual: generated from sensors like accelerometer, light sensor, pressure sensor
  2. Multimedia: generated from camera or video recorders for surveillance applications

Depending on the storage and the bandwidth of connectivity available on the end devices, the data is offloaded in raw form or processed to some extent before offloading to the cloud. The data processing on the stored data might be performed based on - 
  1. Period of the data: Based on the time span of the data, the processing can be performed on transient data collected over a short period of time or on historic data to extract patterns from the data.
  2. Devices from which data is collected: Data can processed from a single device or from multiple devices.

In the above cases, the processing of historic data can be overwhelming for a resource constrained device whereas a single device may not have visibility of data from other devices when data from multiple devices are considered. In these cases, M2M applications running in the cloud come handy.

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