05 August 2017

A4IoT - IoT Devices, Networks and Systems

In this blog post, our Co-Founder, Soumya Kanti Datta talks about IoT devices, networks and systems. This is second in a series of introductory videos on the IoT and Cloud Platforms from our Academy for IoT. Take a look at our Youtube Video below.


In our previous blog post and video, Koustabh introduced the IoT as a network of smart objects (sensors, actuators) and applicability of IoT in home automation, connected car and other domains. In this blog post, we focus on the IoT systems, their components and interconnection (shown in the picture below).

Figure 1: IoT Systems and Components (Source: ETSI)

From a high level perspective, Figure 1 shows four types of the IoT systems. On the left, there are simple systems where one or a collection of M2M devices (often called IoT devices or smart objects) exchange data with M2M application(s) over communication network. The M2M application(s) typically run in a cloud infrastructure. On the right, you see a gateway and a service capabilities layer are introduced to handle much more complex scenarios. These IoT systems typically have following six components - 
  • M2M Device - It is capable of replying to a query, e.g. sensor, actuator.
  • M2M Area Network - It connects the M2M or IoT devices to an IoT Gateway, e.g. Bluetooth, LoRa.
  • IoT Gateway - It provides many functionalities including - (i) connecting IoT devices to the Internet, (ii) providing protocol translation, (iii) ensuring IoT device interworking and (iv) local data processing in an Edge Computing scenario.
  • Core Network - It connects the IoT Gateways to the Cloud.
  • M2M Application - It contains middleware for sensor data processing.
  • Cloud - It has become indispensable for IoT data processing, service provisioning, long term data storage and many more functionalities.
Watch the video above to learn more on these devices, networks and IoT ecosystem along with some interesting statistics on IoT devices and market dynamics.

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