13 August 2017

What do Cloud Platforms offer?

We are back with another video from our A4IoT initiative. Our research engineer Koustabh Dolui talks about what cloud platforms offer in the Internet of Things context.

In the previous blog post and video, Koustabh pointed out the gaps in the IoT device ecosystem in terms of data processing and data storage. Due to the constrained nature of the IoT devices the storage and processing of data on a longer time span and from multiple devices can be a difficult ask. 

In this video Koustabh talks about the different cloud services offered for the Internet of Things. Termed as X-aaS as the different types of services can be defined as the following - 

Platform-as-a-Service: The provider offers storage of data and an application framework to write programs to process the stored data.

Software-as-a-Service: The cloud provider offers subscription to a software running on the cloud specific to a use-case or application area of IoT.

Infrastructure-as-a-Service: The provider offers cloud infrastructure with more flexibility as well as, in some cases, the end devices for IoT.

Among these types of services, the focus of the videos is on PaaS, or the cloud platforms for the Internet of Things. Cloud platforms have the following three features which are absolutely necessary. They are:
  • Storage and accumulation of data from the IoT end devices.
  • Application framework for writing applications to process the data.
  • Remote access to the data stored on the cloud platform.

Cloud platforms may also offer - 
  • Libraries to write code on the cloud as well as end devices.
  • Rule engines to set triggers based on criteria defined on the data.
  • Visualization of the data stored on the cloud platform.

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